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At the beginning of the Pandemic, I was concerned that hospitals would not take Just Stick a Fork In It’s baked goods. So, I decided to pivot and learn how to sew to make masks for first responders and essential workers. My niece and nephews joined the fun since they were doing distance learning. We worked for one “period” of their school day and called it, “Life Lessons with Nella”. Operating solely on donations, we made over 900 masks in three months. My toy sewing machine broke about 100 masks in, and I was absolutely blessed to find one on Facebook Marketplace. The man I purchased it from ended up being a first responder and was gracious enough to give me a discount in exchange for some masks. Blessed, right? I’m saying! If you were looking for a sewing machine during March-April 2020, you know how much of a come-up that truly was. 


All that to say, I had a lot of scrap fabric and I am not a fan of waste, not in any part of life– so I learned how to make scrunchies! Storybook Scrunchies will be a quarterly Disney-inspired scrunchie subscription where I will be collaborating with your potential next favorite BIPOC creator every quarter. Portions of the proceeds will be going to the Myriad Outreach Project. Look them up on Instagram. They are doing wonderful things for the Bay Area houseless community.

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