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My favorite things on Amazon that have been super helpful in the kitchen.


For measuring:


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For baking:

Great Reads

Books that knocked me on my butt and/or made me do the work.

*New add: Who hasn’t been down a Youtube rabbit hole on Joshua Weissman’s videos? His “But Better” videos get me every time.



I read this at the beginning of the Pandemic and was so excited about it. There wasn’t much to look forward to, but this was a glimmer of hope in tangible form. Turned out to be one of the most special books I’ve read in a very long time. A super quick read, every woman, heck– every person should absorb her words. 11/10 recommend.



The most cohesive and clear piece of culinary literature that I’ve read ever. The illustrations are also incredible. If you haven’t watched the series on Netflix,  so so good! Renewed my love for all things culinary.



Luvvie gets two recs because she earned them. She taught me that it’s necessary to take up space without apology. In this day and age, that’s the most necessary reminder. Read both of these more than once and listened more than once. Messages received, Luvvie!




Another Pandemic read. David Chang is an amazing storyteller and I’m SO glad he wrote this book. He is beyond transparent and I’m super grateful he allowed himself to be this vulerable. So bomb.

I read this more than ten years ago and now every time I see it in a used book store, I buy a copy. This is the book that I reference in the third episode of Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me (my podcast!). I have a quote from this book tattooed on my left arm. It was that impactful.

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*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. WIth that said, I stand by all these products that I’ve recommended 🙂

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