live-in infant/parent support specialist

nanny belle

You deserve to be cared for, just as much as your tiny human. The sleep deprivation alone is enough to mess with your sanity, let alone trying to keep yourself and your newborn thriving. 

I’m a professional pacifier catcher. Extra hands. Everybody eats AND everybody sleeps. Calmest problem solver you’ll ever meet. The Family Whisper. All I want is for you to get some rest so you can be the best parent for your child(ren) and your best self. 



01. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whenever anybody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “a chef” or a waitress! I used to practice carrying four full cups and developed my first recipe at 5 years old. I am Japanese (second generation Okinawan), Filipino (third generation), and Mexican. Cooking and baking is in my blood! 

02. education and professional experience

I took two years of Advanced Culinary Arts in High School, took a detour to do Recording Arts for two years (Did I mention I have a podcast?), and eventually landed at the Le Cordon Bleu branch, Orlando Culinary Academy.

I’ve worked in the many kitchens of Walt Disney World, the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, among others. I started my own custom cake design/event planning company, Just Stick a Fork in It, ten years ago. 

03. we can fix that


I’m a firm believer in anything and everything being possible. I know with time and practice, whatever it is, you’ll be able to nail it. Perseverance is key!

Whether it’s those flat cookies, hard-as-a-rock biscuits, charred-on-the-outside/raw-on-the-inside ribeye (yikes!), we can figure it out!



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