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Feel free to scroll through. I’ve got some fun things going!

Chanelle T. Molina Consulting

Along with over 15 years of culinary experience, I have also planned numerous events over the last 10 years. Pick my brain to your heart’s content.

Just Stick a Fork In It

Celebrating 10 years this May, Just Stick a Fork In It has done pretty much every event known to man. THOUSANDS of people have had those cookies in the “Training” section. Coming soon!

Storybook Scrunchies

At the beginning of the Pandemic, I was concerned that hospitals would not take Just Stick a Fork In It’s goods. So, I decided to pivot and learn how to sew to make masks. My niece and nephews joined the fun and together we have made over 800 masks in three months. All that to say, I had a lot of scrap fabric and I am not a fan of waste– so I learned how to make scrunchies! Storybook Scrunchies will be a quarterly subscription where I will be collaborating with a BIPOC creator every quarter. Portions of the proceeds will be going to the Myriad Outreach Project. Get on the mailing list to keep up with the goings on of Storybook Scrunchies.

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

Coming soon. I’ll be pulling from my journal archives from when I was a kid and sharing entries. This will be a place for reflection and lessons learned. Available on all podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

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