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What would you like to master? 


 Here we can set up Discovery Calls (or the “Appetizer”, as I like to call them) and Strategy Sessions to get you confident in the kitchen in no time. With over fifteen years experience in all types of kitchens, I’m your go-to for all things culinary. 



01. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whenever anybody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, “a chef” or a waitress! I used to practice carrying four full cups and developed my first recipe at 5 years old. I am Japanese (second generation Okinawan), Filipino (third generation), and Mexican. Cooking and baking is in my blood! 

02. education and professional experience

I took two years of Advanced Culinary Arts in High School, took a detour to do Recording Arts for two years (Did I mention I have a podcast?), and eventually landed at the Le Cordon Bleu branch, Orlando Culinary Academy.

I’ve worked in the many kitchens of Walt Disney World, the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, among others. I started my own custom cake design/event planning company, Just Stick a Fork in It, ten years ago. 

03. we can fix that


I’m a firm believer in anything and everything being possible. I know with time and practice, whatever it is, you’ll be able to nail it. Perseverance is key!

Whether it’s those flat cookies, hard-as-a-rock biscuits, charred-on-the-outside/raw-on-the-inside ribeye (yikes!), we can figure it out!



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